Indigenous Partnership Alliance

NatRAS represents a synergy of service offerings tailored perfectly for the resource sector. NatRAS draws the expertise and specialised service offerings of two Aboriginal companies and allows these service offerings to complement each other in a positively impactful way to the client. NatRAS has a global presence and expertise that cover all areas of Facilities Management. NatRAS’ ability to combine these complementary services is what allows NatRAS to stand out from its competitors.

NatRAS provides its clients with unparalleled service over a broad range of synergistic areas. Alongside these complementary service offerings that provide the client with a holistic, complete, robust and easily accessible model for improving and enhancing mine site operations, NatRAS has strong capabilities, expertise and passion in indigenous engagement strategies, indigenous labour hire techniques and Aboriginal land access arrangements.
Collectively, the group has access to 10 traditional landowner groups across Australia. This provides NatRAS with the ability to work closely with Australia’s First Nations Peoples and ensure that many of the benefits associated with working with Traditional Land Owner Groups are shared with its people and country.

NatRAS prioritises the wellbeing and access to economic opportunities for indigenous groups Australia-wide so that recognition of contribution by Aboriginal people to current industry can be appreciated.

Supply Nation Member