Financial Models

In Summary, under such an arrangement, NatRAS would effectivelt be an in-house services provider with respect to the “Client,” establishing and managing the Village/Camp services for/on behalf of the client.

Apart from financial advantages, all client represented Village Operations would be undertaken under the banner of the client, invoices paid by the client, wages paid by the client, capital badged and owned by the client with NatRAS to manage training site issues, undertake service audits,manage budgets, engage new employees (through the clients HR system) and manage suppliers, HSE and QA systems all from an external point of view in order to leave the client hands free of the Village services. NatRAS would become in essence a watermark entity to oversee and ensure smooth operations of the facility.

Monthly (or agreed frequency) meetings would be held with the client to review pre-determined budgets and evaluate operations.

  • In-House Management Services Options
  • Retaining Client Ownership
  • National Workforce and Commercial Accomodation Villages

Financial Model