Food Safety and Quality Plan

National Remote Accommodation Services has developed its food safety programs around its various industry sector markets ensuring each is tailored made to meet the remote requirements of each site whether it be on-shore or off-shore.

We will consult with your staff and management to develop food safety policies and procedures to support effective operation of each site in accordance with industry regulations.

Our Food Safety Programs are fully tailored and clearly presented. We are readily available to assist managers and supervisors with any food safety related concerns and to guide them in successful implementation. Our Food Safety Programs and HACCP Plans are supported by nationally recognised Training Systems and Food Safety Supervisors.

Our Food Safety Programs will include:

  • MANAGEMENT POLICIES – including a Food including a Food Safety Policy, Training Policy, Staff Hygiene Standard and Employee Declaration, Food Supplier Standard, Document Version Control, Implementation.
  • SUPPORT PROGRAMS – including Staff Training, Pest Control, Cleaning and Sanitising, Equipment and Premises Maintenance, Recall and Complaints, Audits and Verification procedures.


Our NatRAS team conducts annual Food Safety Program (FSP) reviews to ensure our site programs remain current, meet any organisational or legislative changes and reflect indistry best practice. It is a legislative requirement in every state and territory for FSPs to be regularly reviewed.