Lighten up to a healthy Lifestyle

NatRAS has adopted a great Health initiative which would be promoted at any one of our sites throughout Australia and referred to as “My Healthy Balance Program”.

The Lighten up to a healthy lifestyle program is a healthy lifestyle group program for adults who want improve their health. It assists people  to eat well and be active, manage stress and make long term behaviour changes to support a healthy lifestyle.

Lighten up will assist in developing a healthy attitude to eating and physical activity. It does not provide a “diet” to follow but will help you learn to:

  • Prepare and enjoy healthy food
  • Discover enjoyable ways to be physically active
  • Overcome problems and set goals
  • Cope with stress
  • Feel better about yourself
  •  Develop a support network to help you sustain you

My Healthy Balance is a free, online healthy lifestyle program that has been designed by health professionals and adopted by NatRAS to help residents find the balance in their lives.

My Healthy Balance is a session-based program which includes healthy eating, physical activity and lifestyle information, personal goal setting, weight monitoring tools plus much more. The program contains many fun and interactive functions. Residents can even join with a friend and move through the program whilst communicating on the facility own ‘buddy wall’.