Our Commitment to Safety, Environment and Quality

We recognise that excellence in managing our occupational health and safety, environmental and quality responsibilities is essential to our business success, and we strive to meet these responsibilities through our management systems which are closely aligned to the Australian Business Excellence Framework and certified to the following standards.


These systems contribute to the sustainability of our business by ensuring that we:

  • Apply sound risk management
  • Consistently provide excellent internal and external customer service
  • Comply with our legislative obligations and wider commitments
  • Communicate with and involve our employees, contractors
  • Build and maintain positive links with local communities
  • Possess the necessary skills, knowledge and resources
  • Make open and transparent decisions
  • Monitor, measure and record our performance against targets
  • Continuously improve, innovate and apply best practice principles

This policy has been developed and is reviewed in consultation with our clients and our employees, our community and other stakeholders. The Executive Team is responsible for providing the leadership to support the development and implementation of this policy. Our managers and supervisors are responsible for demonstrating visible leadership in safety, environment and quality to ensure this policy is effectively applied.

All NatRAS employees and contractors are responsible for following this policy and the associated procedures and systems.